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Clarity, Passion and Change

Outdoor Philosophy combines careful, critical thinking about the environment and our impact on it, with the emotional engagement necessary for change.

Carbon Cycle - Kate Rawles

Outdoor Philosophy is based on the belief that:

  • Our environmental challenges are real and urgent.
  • There is a huge amount we can still do to help tackle them, and many win/wins.
  • Other species and ecological systems are the ‘bottom-line of the bottom-line’, they are our life support systems, our most precious resources, our habitat, essential to our survival, immensely wonderful, and of immeasurable intrinsic as well as instrumental value.

ShagsOutdoor Philosophy was set up by Kate Rawles in 2004. It grew out of Kate’s experience as a relatively normal ‘indoor’ philosopher – she was a lecturer in environmental ethics at Lancaster University for nearly a decade.
Convinced that a critical rethink of human/nature relationships is a key part of the solution to our environmental crises but frustrated by having to carry these out in highly artificial lecture theatres – and without any remit to actually change things! – she left to work freelance in 2000.

The development of Outdoor Philosophy was supported by a NESTA fellowship in 2002.

For more information contact: kate@outdoorphilosophy.co.uk

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